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Black Celebration

Submitted by Mr.D on Jueves, Marzo 16, 2017 - 16:05.
Formación (lineup)

Martin Gore, sintetizador y segunda voz; Canta "A Question of Lust", "Sometimes", "It Doesn't Matter two" y "World Full of Nothing".

Lista de canciones

1.Black Celebration 4:55
2.Fly on the Windscreen (final) 5:18
3.A Question of Lust 4:20
4.Sometimes 1:53
5.It Doesn't Matter Two 2:50
6.A Question of Time 4:10
7.Stripped 4:16
8.Here is the House 4:15
9.World Full of Nothing 2:50
10.Dressed in Black 2:32
11.New Dress» 3:42